ADSL2+ Broadband

OzGuide now offers ADSL2+ Broadband Internet access right across Australia.

Our ADSL2+ Broadband access offers the following benefits:

  • A consistently fast connection irrespective of the time of day or day of the week.
  • A highly reliable ADSL2+ connection with very, very little downtime.
  • The lowest monthly access charge for an ADSL2+ service in each price band.


Applicable to all ADSL2+ Plans:

Email Addresses: 20
Webspace: 30Mb
Setup Fee: $0 (18 month contract) OR $59.95 (12 month contract)

Plan Name Monthly Access Monthly Usage Quota (Peak + Off Peak) Shaping Speed
ADSL2+ Plans
(Download only counted)
Super Fast Starter/12Gb $29.99 12Gb (4Gb+8Gb) 256K/256K
Super Fast Basic/40Gb $39.99 40Gb (20Gb+20Gb) 256K/256K
Super Fast Standard/130Gb $49.99 130Gb (70Gb+60Gb) 1Mb/1Mb
Super Fast Medium/140Gb $59.99 140Gb (80Gb+60Gb) 1Mb/1Mb
Super Fast Heavy/200Gb $69.99 200Gb (100Gb+100Gb) 2Mb/1Mb
Super Fast Premium/150Gb $89.99 150Gb 4Mb/1Mb
ADSL2+ Plans
(Download & Upload counted)
Super Fast / 180Gb $49.99 180Gb (90Gb+90Gb) 1Mb/1Mb
Super Fast / 500Gb $59.99 500Gb (150Gb+350Gb) 1Mb/1Mb
ADSL2+ Unlimited      
Unlimited 24x7 $75.00 Unlimited n/a

*NOTE: Above prices are inclusive of GST.


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OzGuide are registered agents for TPG, who provide the ADSL2+ services on behalf of OzGuide Internet & Computer Solutions.

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