eTrust Vet Anti-Virus

OzGuide are authorised eTrust Vet Anti-Virus resellers and recommend the various eTrust Vet Anti-Virus products with extreme confidence.

In the last eight years there have been thousands of viruses written and new ones are written every day. Many are very similar but unfortunately they aren't all written as benign jokes, and some deliberately damage data.  The solution is to install a good anti-virus package like eTrust Vet on your system, software which is continually updated to provide you with the best possible protection from this threat to your data.

OzGuide offer the following eTrust Vet Anti-Virus & associated software packages:

  • eTrust Vet Anti-Virus
  • eTrust Anti-Virus 8 (for business)
  • eTrust Anti-Spam
  • eTrust PestPatrol Anti-Spyware
  • eTrust EZFirewall

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