Child Internet Safety

Children are accessing the Internet and using Internet services such as chat rooms from an increasingly early age. For children, the Internet is an important research, communication and information tool. However, children and their parents need to be aware that there are potential risks and dangers inherent in Internet use.

OzGuide offer consulting services and advice to parents, schools and libraries on how to protect children.

We can also offer a great software package - CyberPatrol - to help monitor and control how, when and to whom Internet access is allowed, filtered or blocked, as well as choose where your children surf online.

It protects against inappropriate or harmful sites, including Spyware and Phishing.  It lets you restrict or block chat and instant messaging, file sharing and downloading of music, images and videos as well as protect privacy.

CyberPatrol helps create the safe online environment you want for your children that protects them, you and your PC.  It is one of only a handful of software packages recommended by the Australian Government's NetAlert Limited.  Click here for more information on CyberPatrol.

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